Internet Measurement and Anti-Abuse Laboratory

This is the Internet Measurement and Anti-Abuse Laboratory (IMAAL) in the Computer Science Department at Brigham Young University. Lab research is directed under Dr. Casey Deccio, an assistant professor in the department.

As part of our research we are engaged in activities involving both passive and active Internet measurements, with the goal of assessing and improving the Internet's health, efficiency, and resiliency to attack and failure.

For questions or concerns read through Anomalous Internet Traffic then see the Contact section.

Address Space


IPv6: 2620:10f:3007:a050::/64

DNS Domains:

Anomalous Internet Traffic

If you've observed anomalous Internet traffic associated with our address space, we list below more information on research we're conducting, what you might expect to see, and how to opt out.


For questions, comments, and additional information, please send email to

To opt out of any or all of the listed above, please send email to, and include the IP address space that you would like to be exempted.